Staff Contact Information by Department

Approaches to Learning (Special Education)

Judie Albuquerque (6th Grade Inclusion), x3035

Susan Cappuccio (8th Grade Communication Impaired CI), x3002

Teresa Convery (6th Grade Inclusion), x3043

Cathe Fargo (7th Grade CAPSS), x3049

Jennifer Giletto (6th-8th Autistic Spectrum Disorder) , x3028

Brian Hanlon (7th Grade Behavior Emotional Support), x3052

Katie Kostin (6th-8th Grade Autistic Spectrum Disorder), x3012
Andrea Marshall (8th Grade Inclusion), x3021
Janet Merin (7th Grade Inclusion), x3040
Justin Meyers (6th Grade Behavioral Emotional Support), x3027
Jennifer Mihalecsko (8th Grade CAPSS), x3054
Julia O'Connor (6th Grade CAPSS), x3031
Jada Thurman (7th Grade Inclusion), x3053
Stephanie Weiss (8th Grade Inclusion), x3051

Individuals and Society

Chris DelRossi, x3034
Jules Farkas, x3048
Carolyn Grossi, x3011
Jennifer Heller, x3033
Brendan McGovern, x3041
Christy Marrella, x3020
Gail Trocola, x3016

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